Are you among the 96,600 people currently being deceived on a TikTok page that claims to me, but isn’t? Even if you’re not, (and i really hope you’re not), I’d be grateful if you’d share this. TikTok has yet to take action, and people are getting fleeced right and left.

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Per my last post, lots of you are wondering why TikTok would allow someone who is clearly impersonating me on their site to continue to take advantage of nearly 100,000 people. I can’t answer that. (I’ve reached out to my many contacts in the Chinese government, but have yet to hear back from anyone.)
Others have wondered why I haven’t had a lawyer fire off a cease and desist letter. Well, mostly because I just found out about the fraud this morning. But I’m moving as fast as I can. One of my attorney’s (yeah, I got a few,) sent this out a few hours ago. He received an automatic reply. I’ll keep you posted as to how long it takes an actual human to respond.
Tick tock….
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