We’re Breaking Under the Weight of Our Own Weight with Vinnie Tortorich (Ep. 313)

About a year ago, I had a nutritionist and personal trainer on the podcast named Vinnie Tortorich. Vinnie is one of the original proponents of a low carb, high protein diet, and a real nightmare for the processed food industry. After our first conversation, hundreds of listeners visited his website, and wound up forming a Facebook group. These people called themselves “Rowebies.” They wanted to lose weight and decided to explore the “no sugar no grain” approach that Vinnie had made famous. Recently, I learned that Rowebies have collectively lost over ten thousand pounds. Maybe a lot more.

I just had another conversation with Vinnie, and you can (and should) listen to the whole thing here. https://bit.ly/TWIHI313 And while you’re at it, you should absolutely positively watch his film, FAT – A Documentary. https://vinnietortorich.com/documentaries/

It’s a scathing indictment of why and how we’ve come to believe so much nonsense about basic nutrition. It’ll make you angry, and more importantly, it’ll make you want to eat better.
Congrats to all the Rowebies who got results listening to this guy. It’s really gratifying.

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