The Best Onion Burger I’ve Ever Had

Yesterday, in Oklahoma City, I ate an onion burger at the Sun Cattle Co. It was without a doubt, the best onion burger I’ve ever had, and quite possibly, the best hamburger ever made. It was called The Big Jack, and I had mine with cheese.

Onion burgers are an Oklahoma thing, made popular during the Depression when meat was hard to come by. Today, it’s a pile of fresh ground beef with lots of onions mixed in. Big Jack is the kid in the cowboy hat, and the double burger is named for him. Jack’s not that big yet, but I suspect he will be, someday soon. His little sister is Ruby, and their dad is Matt. As you can see, they appear to have fallen off the cover of Modern Cowboy.

Matt just opened the restaurant with his old buddy Russ, and I think they’ve got a winner. The beef is terrific, and Matt is committed to providing what the hipsters call a “farm to table” experience. He doesn’t call it that, of course. He calls it, “the way people were intended to eat.”

In other words, Matt and Russ want you to know where your food comes from – in this case, right down the road, from The Sun Cattle Company that Matt owns and operates. They also want to honor the animals who made the ultimate sacrifice for your dining pleasure. Case in point – #27. The first cow to be served at their new restaurant, who looks over all who enter.
A tip of the hat to them all…

PS. 800 W. Sheridan, if you’re in the neighborhood.
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