Charles C. W. Cooke Took an Oath (Ep. 305)

Speaking of pithy and trenchant, my guest on this week’s episode is the epitome of both. No one to my knowledge has made a more persuasive or more succinct case as to why the current push to “forgive” many billions of dollars in student loans is immoral, unfair, and illegal, than Charles C.W. Cooke. I’ve been a fan of his writing for years, and I was really delighted to have a chance to talk with him about this issue at length.

Also – Charles became a citizen of this country not too long ago. His affection for America is obvious, as is the seriousness with which he took his swearing in. As he pointed out early in our conversation, “I have an obligation to care about these things. I wasn’t born here. I came here on purpose, and I took an oath to be a good citizen.”

I believe you’ll agree, he’s a bit more than that.
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