Can You Handle the Truth?

I didn’t invite Vivek Ramaswamy onto the podcast because he’s running for president. I invited him on because I wanted to hear more about his opposition to several acronyms that seem to be guiding the decision-making process of many corporations today. Specifically, I’m referring to ESG, (Environmental Social Governance,) and DEI, (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion).

Regardless of your political affiliation, you should be aware of how these initiatives are impacting your life, your company, your family, and your investments. Vivek wrote a book a few years ago called Woke, Inc. in which he predicted the current state of affairs and explains precisely how we got to a place where merit, character, personal responsibility and work ethic have taken a backseat to race, gender, ethnicity, and other forms of identity that have nothing to with who we really and truly are as individuals. According to Vivek, our current focus on diversity does not seem to include a diversity of thought, and our current predictions of a looming climate Armageddon, are driving us further and further apart.

I have no idea how he will fare in the coming contest, but I think his ideas are really important, and really relevant. I’m also fascinated by his pledge to run a completely transparent campaign, and never deliver a speech from prepared notes or rely upon a teleprompter. Win or lose, he will be fun to watch.  It’s a good one.

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