Off The Wall: I Talk to All Sorts of People

Mr. Rowe – I support your mission. I really do. Your shows and your foundation are doing good work, and I find myself in agreement with your positions around student debt, the skilled trades, and the eroding work ethic in America. BUT – you really don’t do yourself ANY favors by talking with Tucker Carlson. He embodies the divisiveness you claim to despise. Your association with him is VERY disappointing.
John Gaston

Hi John
Like the old saying goes, (or maybe it’s a new saying?), everything before “but,” is bullshit. Well, with respect, your comment is full of it.

I have no problem with you or anyone else using this page to express your disappointment with me, or with the many different people who interview me. But please, don’t cheapen your disappointment with false praise for me or my mission. No one is buying it. If you really cared about my agenda, you’d support my efforts to reach as many people as possible – regardless of who was interviewing me. But you don’t. And you are not alone.

Back in 2016, hundreds of angry liberals left this page after I appeared on Glenn Beck’s show. Later that same week, hundreds of outraged conservatives announced their departure after I had the exact same conversation with Bill Maher. In both cases, “the disappointed” wanted me to know they “supported my mission,” but apparently, not to the point where they could tolerate my proximity to anyone on the “other” side.

Can you see my dilemma? While I’d prefer that all of my marketing and promotional decisions meet with your approval, I do in fact, have a mission that’s very important to me, along with a number of shows I’m obligated to promote. For this reason, I talk to all sorts of people, regardless of their politics or their platform. Not because I care deeply about the ideas and opinions of the people interviewing me, but because I care about reaching their audience. That’s why you’ll find me on FOX, CNN, Facebook, NPR, PBS, The Daily Wire, MSNBC, and The Blaze.

Having said that, here’s a link to a conversation I recently had with Chris Cuomo. This particular conversation is pretty much identical to the one I just had with Tucker, albeit longer. I don’t know if Chris is on your list of approved conversationalists, but I’m pretty sure his audience is different than Tucker Carlson’s, so who knows? Maybe this is a conversation you can actually enjoy?

On the other hand, maybe sharing it here will only inflame my conservative friends who support my mission and my foundation, but just can’t understand why I’d talk with the likes of Chris Cuomo. I guess we’ll see.

Either way, there’s a new episode of Dirty Jobs on Discovery, tonight at 8pm. In it, I collect deer urine with a nice family in Illinois, put in bottles, and sell it to buck hunters. Then, I help dismember a dead dolphin that washed up on the shore in Maryland, to try and figure out what killed it. I’m pretty sure no one anywhere will be offended…

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