Knobel Whiskey Embodies the Spirit of the Everyman who Inspired It

This is my grandfather, Carl Knobel. I talk about him a lot on this page. Partly because he inspired Dirty Jobs, partly because he inspired the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, and partly because he inspired a brand of whiskey named in his honor. Today however, someone else is talking about him, which is good, because I’m at a loss for words.

I’d be grateful if you’d read and share this terrific article about my Pop. It made me cry a little. It’s gonna make my mother cry a lot. It reminds me what a poor world this would be, with grandfathers who inspire us to leave behind something worth remembering.

Wherever he is today, I hope Carl Knobel has access to this article. I would love to see his face, when he realizes this photo of him – one of the only ones taken before he got old – would be shared among 6 million of his grandson’s closest friends. I can see him blushing now, even in black and white.

Thank you Salena Zito, for writing such a warm and human tribute to my Pop. And thanks to the rest of you for reading and sharing it.


PS I know that many of you were unable to get one of the Dirty Jobs posters I signed and sent out last week. We only had three hundred to go around, and they were gobbled up in ten minutes. Well, the network has provided another batch. I’ll spend the day signing them and post a new link before tonight’s premiere. Have a great Sunday.