I’ve Been Fired Too Many Times to be Cocky (Ep. 265)

The first time I saw Tyrus on television, I stopped and listened to what he had to say. Full disclosure, I did so because of the way he looked. But I wouldn’t have kept listening, had he not been making some trenchant point in some unique and salient way, to a panel of contributors who did not look at all like him, not even a little. Couple years later, we met in the hallways of Fox News, shook hands, (I think that was a hand), and exchanged pleasantries. I invited him onto my podcast, and he said he’d be honored. I may have blushed.

His journey, his accomplishments, and his world view are as unique as they are refreshing, as is his sense of humor and unwavering commitment to authenticity. We talk a lot about wisdom and humility, and why both are in such short supply these days. We also talk about the entertainment business, his life as a bodyguard, a wrestler, a father, a husband, and now, a very popular pundit.