Off The Wall: Makes Me Thirsty

I can’t figure out if this is advertising, social commentary, or a supply chain lament. All I know is, it makes me thirsty, and I can’t stop singing it. Love it! Did you sing all the parts?
Mitch Albert
Thanks Mitch. Mostly, it’s an apology to people who had to wait for weeks to receive my grandfather’s whiskey, which I’m still selling to raise money for mikeroweWORKS. It’s also an example of what happens when I get a day off and hang out with a friend with a drone. The Knobelman is based on The Wellerman, an old sea shanty that’s been re-recorded countless times over the years. I just changed the words to reflect today’s headlines, and my own personal frustration with our broken supply chain, our crumbling infrastructure, and rising inflation. And yes, there’s no one to blame for the vocals but me.

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