Good Morning

Yesterday, you wonderful people broke my website with your unbridled enthusiasm for Knobel Tennessee Whiskey, which I’m pleased to say has finally found its way into a few thousand bottles. Today, the website is fixed, (or so I’m told,) so I’m hoping those of you who were denied the ability to purchase a bottle yesterday, (or two) will stop by again, to help me celebrate the return of Dirty Jobs with the whiskey named for the man who inspired it – my grandfather, Carl Knobel.

You can read about my Pop at, and learn more about why Dirty Jobs was dedicated to him, and what makes Knobel so tasty. In short, every bottle spent 5 years in the barrel, and was distilled in the great state of Tennessee, by men who take the business of making whiskey very seriously. Bias aside, it’s delicious. However, like the current smash hit, Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job,, this is a fundraiser. Supplies are limited, and 100% of the net proceeds will benefit the mikeroweWORKS foundation.

Also on the site, you’ll find a variety of gift sets, complete with autographed paraphernalia, collectible swag, signed corks, and some amusing behind-the-scenes content captured at a photo shoot that may have been impacted by the consumption of this excellent whiskey. Please feel free to explore the site and choose the offering that’s right for you.

Finally, I hope you’ll consider the following excuses from a man who hates to make them:

  1. The United States are NOT united with respect to the laws governing the shipping of spirits. Thus, I can only send this excellent whiskey to you if you live in a state that allows it. Sadly, the number of states that don’t allow it is 22. If you live in a state this backward, this draconian, this fundamentally unenlightened, and your elected representatives can read, please feel free to send him or her an angry note and sign my name to it. It’s a preposterous law, and one that deserves to be repealed.
  2. The supply chain debacle is real, and so too is the shortage of truck drivers. If you order soon, the odds are very good you’ll have the hooch in time for Christmas. But it’s impossible these days to guarantee anything. Except of course, for the incredibly smooth, faintly sweet flavor of Knobel Whiskey, which I hope you’ll get to enjoy sooner than later.
  3. Again, like the current smash hit, Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job, this is a fundraiser for mikeroweWORKS. But it’s also a research project. If the feedback is positive, and people love Knobel Tennessee Whiskey as much as I do, and the supply chain doesn’t break, and people start driving trucks again, and the whole process of making and selling this delicious whiskey turns out to be fun, I might try to get it on the shelves next year. But for now, this is the only way to get it. First come, first served, and tragically, only if you live in a state where I can ship it.
  4. Regarding that, I’ve provided a list of states below where Knobel can be shipped legally. I’ve also included the states where it cannot. It occurs to me that if you live in a backward state – like Michigan or North Carolina – but have friends or family in an enlightened state – like Maryland or Florida – you might consider having a bottle shipped to your friend, who could then hold it for you until you next meet. This is risky, of course. Even close friends and family members can’t be trusted to not open and consume a bottle of whiskey this delicious. So, keep that in mind. Also, if you live in a backward state – like Kansas or Minnesota – you may be tempted to ship a bottle to a friend in an enlightened state – like Illinois or Louisiana – and then, have your friend ship it to you. I cannot in good conscience recommend this, because I would never suggest that you ignore the law – even one this stupid. Even one that people ignore all the time. So, whatever you do, don’t do that. Because that would be wrong. Probably.

Backward States That Don’t Allow Delivery

AK – Alaska

AR – Arkansas

GA – Georgia

HI – Hawaii

KS – Kansas

KY – Kentucky

MA – Massachusetts

ME – Maine

MI – Michigan

MN – Minnesota

MO – Missouri

MT – Montana

NE – Nebraska

NC – North Carolina

ND – North Dakota

SC – South Carolina

SD – South Dakota

TN – Tennessee

UT – Utah

VT – Vermont

WV – West Virginia

WY – Wyoming

Enlightened States That Allow Delivery

AZ – Arizona

AL – Alabama

CA – California

CT – Connecticut

CO – Colorado

DC – Washington DC

DE – Delaware

FL – Florida

IA – Iowa

ID – Idaho

IL – Illinois

IN – Indiana

LA – Louisiana

MD – Maryland

MS – Mississippi

NH – New Hampshire

NJ – New Jersey

NM – New Mexico

NV – Nevada

NY – New York

OH – Ohio

OK – Oklahoma

OR – Oregon

PA – Pennsylvania

RI – Rhode Island

TX – Texas

VA – Virginia

WA – Washington

WI – Wisconsin

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