Off The Wall: You’re Free to Watch What You Want

Douglass Zander writes…
Mike – I support the goals of your foundation. I really do. But I wish you’d share your message somewhere other than Fox. I’m sure How America Works is a fine show, but I refuse to watch anything on that channel. Sorry, but you are a reflection of the company you keep.

Hi Douglass
No need to apologize. These days, a lot of people seem to care more about where I appear then what I say. Several years ago, when I sold a show on CNN, many on this page were scandalized. These were viewers of great principle, who refused to compromise their standards by watching anything on “that network,” no matter how much they loved me. Like you, they were quick to remind me that I was a reflection of the company I kept. I agreed, of course, because it’s true. We are all a reflection of the people we associate with. Thus, their presence on this page – like yours – is a reflection on everyone here – including me.

As for my message, I’m glad you approve. Work, in my opinion, has been on the ropes here of late, and the ever-changing definition of a “good job” has become an increasingly difficult thing to agree upon. Over the years, with programs like Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, Somebody’s Gotta Do it, and How America Works, I’ve tried to shape that definition by presenting a different look at labor – a look that doesn’t always portray the boss as the bad guy, or the worker as a victim. My shows, for the most part, portray workers with humor, dignity, diligence, intelligence, and skill. My foundation aspires to do the same. For that reason, you’ll find me on FOX, The Daily Wire, The Blaze, Town Hall, National Review, and Brietbart. But you’ll also find me on CNN, NPR, NBC, ABC, CBS, and many other liberal outlets including PBS. Check out the attached clip from their excellent series, Work Shift, which perfectly encapsulates my message, and tell me what you think. And while you’re watching, Douglass, consider the contradiction wrapped up in your gentle criticism.

You’ve told me that you approve of my message but disapprove of seeing it on venues you don’t personally patronize. I understand. But if you really approve of my message – if you really believe a four-year degree is not the best path for the most people, and the mastery of useful skill can still lead to a prosperous life – wouldn’t you want to see that message reach as many people as possible? Even people who might not share your politics? If not, why not?

There is no wrong answer. Obviously, you’re free to watch what you want. And you are likewise free to share your disappointment on this page. But to what end, Douglass? What do you hope to accomplish, by telling six million people that your standards forbid you from watching certain outlets? Knowing the goals of my foundation, and realizing the difficulty of reaching both sides of a divided country, what would you have me do? And how exactly am I to respond to man who refuses to watch a show he knows he’d enjoy, simple because it’s on a channel he refuses to visit?
Again, there’s no wrong answer. But if you’re really aligned with the goals of mikeroweWORKS, I think you’ll find the attached clip easy to share. Again, it’s from PBS, so there should be no moral dilemma. And besides, it’s really good…


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