Off The Wall: Please Don’t Cancel Us

Any advice for an aspiring actor and narrator? I have an agent, and get my share of auditions, but the competition is intense. Did you ever get discouraged on your journey? Were there times when you thought you were on the wrong road? I’d love to pick your brain over a beer, but would gladly settle for a little online advice, for a guy who’s trying to follow in your footsteps.


Tony Katterton

Hi Tony

I’m flattered that you find my footsteps worth following, but I’m hesitant to offer show business advice to people I don’t know. Unlike the skilled trades, which I recommend everyone at least consider, I’ve never felt comfortable encouraging people to consider a career in show business. The big problem with my industry, (as opposed to the many small ones,) is that it requires more than hard work, talent, and persistence – it requires absurd levels of luck, and a very thick skin, and frankly, I have no idea if you’re endowed with either quality. However…your timing is fortuitous.

The producer of my podcast – Chuck Klausmeyer – is one of the hardest working actors in the business. Like me, Chuck approached his career like a tradesman – one job at a time – and carved out his share of the VO work currently available. We’ve known each other forever, and we’ve probably had a thousand jobs between us. This week on the podcast we discuss auditions – specifically, the weirdest ones we’ve ever had, along with the most disappointing, and then, in a surprising turn, the most culturally inappropriate. (“Can you do it again Mike, this time, with a Japanese accent?” I’m not even kidding…)

The entire conversation is here, Below, is a shorter video portion you might find it instructive. Others might find it disjointed and mildly offensive. We’ll see. Either way, it’s not quite the same as picking my brain over a beer. It’s more like eavesdropping on two old friends who have already had a few. Enjoy, and good luck out there.


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