Unexpected Twists & Turns of My Modest Little Fundraiser

If you’ve been following the unexpected twists and turns of my modest little fundraiser, you know that a small company in Little River South Carolina has been frantically manufacturing masks around the clock to keep up with unexpected demand – a demand that began with the very generous response of the people on this page, who wished to support the mikeroweWORKS foundation by purchasing a custom face covering.

Well, the situation continues to evolve.

Yesterday, a local reporter stopped by the tiny factory floor at bFIVE40, to interview Donna Brin, the woman whose business has been reinvigorated as a result of this fundraiser. The reporter’s name is Nick Papantonis WPDE, and he did a terrific piece on everything that has transpired so far – from our goals at mikeroweWORKS, to the importance of American manufacturing, to the struggles of a small business trying to stay afloat during the plague, to the importance of apprenticeship programs, to the unparalleled support of my friends on this page.

I’ve shared his article below, and I hope you’ll read it. In it, are links to the interview that aired last night, as well as the raw footage of me waking up at my desk and chatting with Donna and her new employees. At base, it’s an episode of Returning the Favor without my crew.

In the interest of full transparency, my agenda in posting this is threefold.

  1. a) To persuade more people to order a mask at https://www.bfit540.com/products/mikeroweworks-contour-mask.
  2. b) To persuade you to share this story far and wide. It’s simply impossible to watch it and not feel better about our species.
  3. c) To persuade someone in the national press to pick up this story and run with it. (Fox and Friends? CBS This Morning? Sixty Minutes?) Come one, come all. I’ll be at my desk all day tomorrow, available for pithy soundbites and thoughtful observations on the human condition.

Carry on, and thanks.

ABC 15 NEWS: Little River business saved thanks to ‘Dirty Jobs’ celebrity’s fundraiser
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