Zoom Event with Little City Books

If my mother appears proud in this photo, or even a tad smug, it might be because she’s once again a New York Times Bestseller, about to embark upon a virtual book tour. What exactly is a virtual book tour? Beats me. I’m still trying to figure that out. For now, it looks like a conversation between the two of us, possibly enhanced by the presence of my father, (though you really never know with him,) a frosty beverage, and a few hundred of her Little Facebook Friends. Specifically, those who elect to purchase a book and join us on Zoom for some positively riveting conversation, followed by some unforgettable Q&A.

Her plan of course, was to meet you all in person in venues across the country, shake your hand, and thank you sincerely for your support. Those plans were canceled, due to the plague, but we’re still trying to support the independent book shops who arranged these events prior to the pandemic. It’s the next best thing to being there, so join us if you can. Details below.


PS. The obvious flaw with this system, is that the prior purchase of mom’s book will not get you into this event. This is always the case with events sponsored by independent bookstores. Space is limited, and reserved here only for people who purchase from Little City Books. Independent bookstores have been a real boon to my mom, and we’re doing what we can to keep their doors open, (even when they’re closed.) We plan to do more between now and Father’s Day, so keep an eye on the event section on Mom’s page for more information. Thanks!

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