Off The Wall: Will you ever write another podcast?

Hey Mike –
Will you ever write another episode of your podcast? I’ve listened to the entire library twice, and worry that I’ve entered into some kind of minor withdraw. Please advise.
Mark Bubert

Hi Mark

Sorry for my protracted absence in Podcastlandia. I had to take a breather back in June in order to write a book called “The Way I Heard It,” based on my podcast, sort of, which I’ve finally finished. That should be on the shelves mid-October. Pre-orders are here, if you’d like to stay ahead of the curve.

I’ve also been distracted by a new TV show based on the same podcast, also called, coincidentally, “The Way I Heard It.” I’m not sure where it will air, but it looks terrific, and I’m hopeful to find it a good home early next year.

As for the podcast itself, I’m pleased to say I’ve started writing them again, and plan to be back with new episodes starting September 3rd. Happily, the dearth of new episodes seems to have increased interest in the library episodes, which I’m told have now eclipsed 100 million downloads. I don’t know precisely what this means, but a hundred million of anything seems like a lot, so good for me.

In other news, fans of Returning the Favor will be pleased by news I’m not yet free to divulge, and fans of my mother will be pleased to learn that she’s nearly finished her second book, which I think will be even better than the first one. Stay tuned, and thanks for your minor addiction. More later.

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