Off The Wall: Chicago has every right to be angry

Mike – are you following this mess in Chicago? Any thoughts to share on Mr. Smollett? Hate crimes? The madness of it all? Joan Cranston

Hi Joan

I have many thoughts, but nothing unique. I will say this though. Eddie Johnson strikes me as a stand-up guy. I just watched him say some very unpopular things, at a very difficult time. That took guts.

Regarding “hate crimes,” I believe that all crimes are inherently hateful, regardless of the color of the criminal, or the color of the victim. Actions don’t necessarily follow feelings, so I’ve never been comfortable punishing feelings – only actions. However, if a person could be found legitimately guilty of deliberately fomenting hate, Mr. Smollett appears to fit the bill. He strikes me as the enemy of anyone who was ever on the receiving end of racism and bigotry. Those are his real victims, in my opinion, and they have my sympathy.

In other words, the people of Chicago have every right to be angry, and so does their Chief of Police.


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