Entrepreneur Article Featuring Wolverine & mikeroweWORKS

Nice article in Entrepreneur featuring Wolverine, mikeroweWORKS, and yours truly. On the positive side, they printed everything I said, word for word. On the downside, they printed everything I said, word for word. (One of these days, I’m gonna need to find a way to group my words up in a more better way.)

To be absolutely serious for a moment, Wolverine is doing something really important around the skilled trades, and setting an example that lots of other companies should follow. Kudos to them.

As for mikeroweWORKS, many good things are happening, and many more are on the horizon. This kind of press really, really helps. Big thanks to Entrepreneur for covering the Wolverine event, and to my mom, for handing out her books as some kind of defacto door prize. Priceless. (aboutmymotherbook.com)

In other news, yesterday – with your help – we raised nearly $40,000 for work ethic scholarships. Facebook talked about some kind of match, but I’m not exactly sure about the specifics. I’ll keep you posted. Regardless, I’m very grateful for their support on this platform, and most appreciative to all of you who pitched in.

Finally, I’m very grateful that so many people have watched the premiere episode of RTF. 3.6 million as of now. It’s a terrific episode about an amazing woman whose doing something extraordinary for our veterans. Check it out here. https://bit.ly/2AsHQPy

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