Dear Media

Mike Rowe here, with some good news. My mom has finally written a book. The book is called “About my Mother,” and it’s very good.

“About My Mother” has nothing to do with politics, elections, Russian probes, Supreme Court Justices, gun violence, hashtags, angry mobs, or Donald Trump; it’s just a collection of warm and humorous essays about growing up with my grandmother, (the most interesting woman who ever lived,) and the various joys of living at a time when America wasn’t obsessed with bad news.

As you might guess, publishing the heart-warming recollections of an 80-year woman is a risky bet for the major houses, even if her quasi-famous son is willing to shamelessly hawk them. So I printed 10,000 copies myself and offered them for sale on eBay. Happily, they sold out in two weeks. That got the attention of the big publishers, most of whom called back and said, “Hey, wait a minute – you didn’t tell us she could actually write!”

A minor bidding war ensued, and now, I’m happy to report that the second printing of “About My Mother” will hit the shelves on Tuesday, November 13th. Pre-orders have already eclipsed 50,000 copies, which leads me to believe that Mom has a chance to make The Best Sellers list. That would not only be a remarkable accomplishment for a first-time author, it would put me in excellent standing with the woman who brought me into the world, and cross one more name off my Christmas list.

Anyway, to the point – next week, I’ll be in New York for the express purpose of promoting “About My Mother.” Mom and Dad will be with me. So, if you think your audience might be ready for a story that doesn’t involve politics, elections, Russian probes, Supreme Court Justices, gun violence, hashtags, angry mobs, or Donald Trump, please consider booking a few minutes with America’s Grandmother and her oldest son. We promise to keep the conversation lively…


PS. In the spirit of a producing segment that relies entirely upon “good news,” I’m happy to also report that Season 3 of “Returning the Favor” is back on Facebook November 27th. This show, combined with my mother’s book, is guaranteed to improve the spirits of even the most pessimistic viewer. #justsayin

PPS. In spite of her arthritis, Mom has agreed to autograph a few copies. If you want one, join us on Facebook for a Live Signing this Monday, 9:15PM EST. Or, grab one in advance here.

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