Black Friday

Far be it from me to contribute to the crass commercialism threatening to envelope polite society, but should you find yourself aching to buy something on this Black Friday, I should probably remind you that my mother has ignored her arthritis, (as well as her glaucoma,) and begun to personalize a few more copies of her best-selling memoir, About My Mother. You can get an autographed copy here.

If you’re ambivalent about autographs, Amazon gets a new shipment next week, Barnes & Noble still has a few in stock, and Walmart just told me they’re flying off the shelves. Fastest way to get a non-autographed copy is here. Click on “signed copies.” Audio version, read by mom, is here.

If on the other hand, you’re sick of hearing about my mothers book, Discovery is running a Dirty Jobs marathon today, which you’ll find free of any mom-related material, (with the exception of me, since I am, obviously, related to my mother.) Conversely, if you simply can’t get enough of Peggy Rowe’s irrepressible charm and endearing common sense, please enjoy this short video from last weeks book tour. Bias aside, I think it’s rather good.

In other news, I’m pleased to report that the smoke here in Northern California has been replaced, thankfully, with rain and fog. I’ll be enjoying both today from my kitchen table, along with a pot of coffee, as I tend to several thousand unanswered emails.


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