Let’s Call Mom on the Way to Church!

Until yesterday, the #1 book on Barnes and Noble was called, “Fear,” a rather depressing tome designed to scare and divide the country even further than it already is. This morning, “Fear” has been upended – temporarialy, anyway – by a book about laughter and love. And hope.

Mom’s book is #1 on Barnes and Noble. The pre-orders have defied expectations. I called her on the way to church to give her the news. If you’ve been following this madness for the last 14 hours, you’re welcome to listen in…


PS. Thank you all, sincerely. The people she once fondly referred to as “my little Facebook friends,” have upended the publishing world. Your support means more to me than I can articulate. If Walmart and Costco take notice, they could make room for mom’s book by Christmas. They said it couldn’t be done, but I’m starting to think anything is possible…


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