Returning The Favor – First Two Episodes are Up!

Hey Look!! It’s The Feel-Good Hit of the Summer!!!

The first episode of Returning the Favor is up. Looks like the second one is as well. Sorry I didn’t give you a heads-up earlier, but I’ve been so busy shooting this thing I forgot to tell you about the premiere!

The mechanism for watching RTF will change over time, but for now, we have Returning The Favor page, and the first two episodes are currently posted there. Please give them a look when you have a few minutes, and let me know what you think. Also – if you like the show – you can “return the favor” by sharing the page. I’d appreciate it, and so would the people we feature in each episode. (They deserve it, more than I.)

Here’s a short trailer to give you a sense of what the show is. Full disclosure – there’s less dirt, and more hugs.

Back soon with more.


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