The Way I Heard It: One Hit Wonder

I love baseball. Always have. I wasn’t particularly good at it, but I had a decent fastball, and rarely embarrassed myself at the plate. Once though, in Little League, I threw a slider that didn’t do much sliding to a kid named Chuddy Baker. Chuddy not only made contact, he hit the ball further than anyone on either team could have imagined. It sailed over the head of the center fielder, over Fullerton Avenue, and bounced off a grill in somebody’s back yard. The ball traveled well over 330 feet, which is pretty incredible for a 16 year old kid with a name like “Chuddy.”

Anyway, I don’t know what became of Chuddy, but I do know the name of the minor league player who hit a baseball farther than anyone else. I also know where that man is today, and why he’s wearing a decidedly different kind of uniform. You will too, if you check out today’s 5-minute mystery. It’s called “One Hit Wonder,” and you can subscribe and listen here – – a simple act that would make my humiliation on the pitcher’s mound 37 years ago a lot more manageable today…

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PS Baltimore Orioles are 6-0!!!

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