A Somebody’s Gotta Do It Masterpiece

Another Sunday evening. I’m settling in with a civilized Cabernet, trying to adjust to another unnecessary assault on what’s left of my circadian body rhythm, and wracking my brain for a subtle way to remind 3 million friends to watch another Emmy-Awarding episode of Somebody’s Gotta Do It, tonight at 10ET on CNN.

I’m concerned frankly, that lots of people on the East Coast will be tireder than usual, what with the profoundly unnecessary switch back Standard Time. Because frankly, if you nod off, you’ll miss another Peabody Award Winning episode of Somebody’s Gotta Do It, and that would be sad for both of us.

Anyway, as I wrestled with identifying a non-obtrusive way to ask you, at the very least, to DVR this Oscar worthy episode, I stumbled across this, and quickly deposited a mouthful of the aforementioned civilized Cabernet back into it’s glass. In fact, I’m still laughing, and much obliged to Teresa, who has a knack for posting memes that make me pee a little. This one reminded me of the many hours I spent in the wee small hours, letting the one and only Bob Ross put me to sleep with his talk of “happy little bushes.”

Those of you puzzled by the reference should google Bob Ross with all due speed, and prepare to be anesthetized.

The rest of you should watch my show. Even if hasn’t won any awards yet. 10PM/ET, whatever that means these days.


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