Men’s Health ‘Grilling Dirty with Mike Rowe’

Mike Rowe is a hands-on kind of guy. He didn’t sit back when given the chance to assist a turkey inseminator, and he hardly batted an eyelash before stepping in as midwife on a dairy cow farm in Indiana. In fact, for eight years, this Dirty Jobs host has tried his hand at more than 300 manual labor jobs across all 50 states. This fall, he plans to dig even deeper into people’s obscure professions and hobbies with his new series called Somebody’s Gotta Do It premiering this September on CNN.
Rowe has made a career out of a willingness to try just about everything—except when it comes to grilling. Why? It’s a heck of a job. Allow Rowe to explain.

Guy Gourmet (GG): What’s your first grilling memory?

Mike Rowe (MR): When I was a kid, my mother convinced my father to build her a new kitchen. He agreed, and started the renovation by driving a bulldozer through the old one. The remodel went on all summer, and we grilled out most every night. It was The Summer of the Perpetual Picnic.

GG: How often do you grill at home?

MR: Once a month, but it’s risky. Home is an apartment in San Francisco: Land of Rules and Regulations. I have a forgettable grill in a storage closet up on the roof that I’m not supposed to use. If I’m caught, I face big fines and public shaming.

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