Listen, this is ‘How the Universe Works’

As most of you know, I like to narrate. I sit in a climate-controlled booth with my beverage of choice and read a story. All in all, a very civilized way to make the rent.

Of course, some stories are better than others. And occasionally, a show will come along that actually distracts me with information so surprising and cool that I have to stop and re-read a line or two just for the fun of it. Such is the case with How the Universe Works.

How the Universe Works



Season 3 debuted last Wednesday. It continues tonight at 9, on The Science Channel. If you have half as much fun watching as I do narrating, you’ll be back for more. Guaranteed.


Roller Derby Chicks


PS. Occasionally, the universe is best explained by Roller Derby Chicks. That…is a great mystery.


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