mrWF Scholarship Recipients from 2013

Here’s a video that will never go viral. It features no cats, no talking babies, and no grown-ups falling down the stairs. It’s just footage of a few regular guys making a case for welding, and personally thanking me for their mikeroweWORKS Scholarships. Posting it here feels a bit self-serving, but I’m doing it anyway because a) it’s short, b) it’s classy, c) it’s important, and d) it wouldn’t have happened without you.

Like most foundations, mikeroweWORKS raises money and gives it away. If you’ve purchased a copy Profoundly Disconnected, or a Work Smart AND Hard poster, or a S.W.E.A.T. Pledge, or a piece of my C.R.A.P., or a Dirt Shirt from the shop, you’ve helped raise the money I get to give away. I’m grateful for that. And I thought it might be nice to show you where some of that money goes.

I must warn you though – watching this video could very likely compel you to support The mikeroweWORKS Foundation in one of the aforementioned ways. If that happens, go here immediately.

Thanks – Mike

Here are a few stories from the scholarship recipients:

Springfield, IL — Welding

Levi Crays: After transitioning out of the US Navy as a Machinists Mate, Levi began the welding program at MTI in October 2012. Upon completion of the program, Levi began working for Trinity Industries in Dallas, TX.

Karl Warcup: After transitioning out of the US Marine Corp, Karl attended community college before deciding to come to MTI in October 2012. Upon completion of the welding program, Karl began working for Trinity Containers, LLC in Quincy, IL.

Bret Unruh: Unemployed before attending MTI in October 2012, Bret completed the welding program in August 2013. He is now working for Certified Tank and Manufacturing, LLC in Springfield, IL.

Springfield, IL — HVAC/MAR Jordan Bavetta: After graduating high school in 2012, Jordan was delivering pizza. He began the HVAC/MAR program in November 2012. After he completed the course be began working for Weidner Refrigeration in Divernon, IL.

Michael Booth: After repeated layoffs and downsizing in the mining industry, Mike began the HVAC/MAR program in November 2012. After completing the course he began working for Hiermans Heating and Cooling in Virginia, IL.

Peoria, IL — Welding

Robert Black: Prior to attending MTI in October 2012, Robert was a part-time, self employed landscaper. After completing the welding program, Robert was hired on with Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, MS.

Springfield, MO — Welding Austin Fly: Unemployed and living at home prior to attending MTI in January 2013, Austin needed direction.  After completing the welding program, Austin was hired by CamCorp in Willow Springs, MO.

Hai Nguyen: Working for KRAFT foods while attending MTI, Hai began the welding program in May 2013. After completing the welding program, Hai continues to Work for KRAFT but has now moved into their production vessel maintenance department.

Moline, IL — HVAC/MAR

Kyle Brown: Before beginning the HVAC/MAR program at MTI in November 2012, Kyle was working at McDonalds. After completing the course, Kyle was hired at Wirth Inc. in Geneseo, IL

Brian Griffin: Unemployed before attending MTI in September 2012, Brian was struggling. After completing the HVAC/MAR program he went to work for Bitler Heating and Air Conditioning in Port Byron, IL

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