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From the MRW Water Cooler

Q: Slipping down a path is much easier than clamoring up it. And as humans we will put up with a great deal of nagging that all is not well before we will actually act. But the moment comes when a path must be chosen instead of randomly wandered down any further.


Hi Kathy,

“Random wandering” is a lot less random than people believe. There are times, more for some than others, when we tell ourselves that we are just “going with the flow.” However, this philosophy, when intentionally applied, is really no less deliberate than any other calculated plan.

What I’ve noted from this is Mike’s change in his take on things. He has totally welcomed into his life what he found himself hip deep in before he knew it. Rather than try to extract himself he now embraces this way of defining success. This is in direct opposition to the original path his career took as an unapologetic slacker.

Different, yes – but not opposite. Choosing to pursue no traditional goal is in fact, a goal. The reverse commute is still a journey, and requires preparation and discipline. Trust me, being a successful slacker takes hard work. (Slacking without introspection or intention is merely vagrancy.)

I would liken my earlier approach and my current attitude as two sides of the same coin. I am not really on a path in “direct opposition” to my life in the nineties, any more than I was then to my life in the eighties. What happened to me, is the same thing that happens to us all – I got some new cards.

New cards can be anything – children, death, love, divorce, inheritance, injury, illness, whatever. New cards force us to adjust, assuming of course, we wish to stay in the game. For me, the new cards are notoriety and opportunity. I was chasing neither, but they have come nevertheless, and now, like a poker hand, I must play them as best I can. There will be raising, calling, and checking. And maybe some folding. For now though, I’m gonna play. I mean, why not? The cards are interesting, even if I’m not sure what’s in the pot.

What did Mike say? “Don’t follow your passion, but by all means bring it with you.” That is quite catchy and has the potential to become cliche. But break it down; it is sage advice. Did Mike think of that?” I can’t find the origin of it.  Diane

As far as I know, that was me. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I subliminally plagiarized it from Voltaire or Rostond. There is after all, very little new left to say, and none of us are as original as we’d like to believe.

Perhaps slipping down a path to serendipity is more rewarding in the long run than deliberately mapping out and setting course, then being disappointed because the treasure was not where expected, if found at all.

It most certainly is, for me anyway. The greatest disservice to rainbows is the persistent hope that they lead to a pot of gold.

Beyond here be dragons. Sometimes venturing into the unknown can be more fulfilling, and what trees you plant to make your mark may bear more succulent fruit.  Damn, I’m deep.

Indeed. And always remember, Deeppp is better that Hottt.


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