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Q: Mike,

Congratulations on mikeroweWORKS. I do wish you the best. Now please no hate mail. Mike asked for opinions and this is mine, right, wrong whatever it’s mine, it not going to bother him so please don’t let it bother you. Mike not that it matters but I don’t agree with you on this subject . I think your totally wrong and kind of out of touch on this subject. I maybe very wrong but I live a so called blue collar life.You don’t ! What does the infrastructures have to do with work ? There are plenty of trained workers to build the bridges and roads but Americas not building them, or fixing them. There are plenty of people who would line up for those jobs if they were available and if training was needed believe me they would get it. And maybe I’m very wrong but I have never heard out of any ones mouth that they didn’t want to be a plumber, farmer, construction worker, electrician, fisherman, bridge builder, whatever because they would be looked down at.

In fact I hear the opposite if they could make a living they would love to do those jobs.

You have lived in Hollywood or lived a different lifestyle to long, yes actors,TV hosts, musician, are celebrated and a lot of people want to be like them why not if your that type of person and like attention and have some talent and can get paid those salaries (why not). A good job in America is one where there’s enough work to keep you employed, a decent salary and benefits so you can provide for and live a decent life, for you and your family should you choice to have one. Kids today without education meaning college or trade school cannot support themselves. Hopefully these trade schools you speak of are paying them to train. Decline in trade school enrollment is because these schools want these kids to pay exorbitant tuition for basically a trade that they can’t make a living out of because the schools are turning out more plumbers then needed for jobs available? So our kids or Americas kids should forgo college ( I know your not saying that) to work trades. Then there needs to be jobs for them to work at. And to be truthful you must plan to gain financially by speaking engagements or some other way with this if I’m wrong I’m sorry but you also have to make a living. And Roseie the riveter she had a poster because there were jobs that needed to be filled and they needed the women since the men were out of the country to fill those jobs . Do you know what happened to her when the men came home she was out of a job she was no longer needed and sent home. Supply and demand Mike if the jobs are there so will the workers to fill the job’s.

Now I know I have the writing skills of a forth grader I hope I have gotten my points across for whatever there worth. I have had a late day so I didn’t see the site till 12:00 so I will probably regret sending this but here goes. And I truly do wish you the best of luck on this new endeavor.


Hi Susie

Thanks for the well wishes. As for what you disagree with, I’m not sure I entirely understand your position. Fundamentally, I’m only suggesting that Work needs to be portrayed in a way that doesn’t always suggest drudgery. Highlighting the importance of skilled labor seems an odd thing to take exception to, but I respect your point of view, and understand that work is a big, giant issue with many perspectives. Certain elements though, are not really debatable.

Our culture, as a rule, does not promote the benefits of learning a trade. I think that has something to do with an overall decline in this area. I could be wrong, but haven’t seen any facts to suggest I am. If you have any data to support your belief that jobs and opportunities do not exist in this area, I’d be grateful to see it. The Wall Street Journal, and many other credible sources, have written extensively about a shortage in skilled labor. Many say it’s about to get worse. Much, much worse. I hope they’re wrong, but I doubt it.



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