Mike is not following his passion but taking it with Him!

From Mike’s Mud Room on Discovery.com

Q: Dear Mike Rowe,


I have visited your modest website, mikeroweWORKS. You have a pretty good idea but although your intentions are good ones sir, you are preaching to the choir.

I don’t mean to be. If my intent were to reach choir members, I’d have simply used The Mudroom to sound off. Setting up a new site seemed the only way to reach those not currently in the “choir.”

The people who watch you and your show already know what is going on with the work force in this country but not everyone shares your point of view.

Thank God for that. Nothing more disconcerting than a room full of people who feel the same about everything. However, I must say that my experience on the show has not lead me to that conclusion. People watch Dirty Jobs for a variety of reasons, and I have found that a great many have no idea about a decline in Trades or a crumbling infrastructure. In fact, I’d say an overwhelming majority.

I do not think that this country is going to fall apart. I have faith in the fact that a job that needs to get done will be taken on by the people.

I assuming you’re talking about those specific people who are willing to take on the job. The “choir” if you will. Surely, you don’t mean ALL the people, do you? I have no doubt that many Americans still possess an admirable work ethic. I also believe they are fewer in number than ever before. Of course, I could be wrong.

Sure your encouragement will help but I would suggest starting from a more positive look at this great country that we are all lucky to live in. Waging war on anything is negative and a bad place to start.

I couldn’t agree more. But I have not waged a war on anything. I have suggested that we – the country – have been systematically attacking the notions once closely associated with hard work and skilled labor. It’s a war both Civil and Cold, fought on many fronts, and it’s casualties are real. Becoming aware of that conflict is the first step in ending it, which I support entirely. I’m not here to start a war, Lisa. I’m here to tell you we’re already in one.

We are lucky to live in the United States. Your Grandfather knew it, your Father knows it and there are many who are willing to do whatever kind of “dirty” job to try and get ahead and make a living. The men and women of this country will do the job and do it well.

I hope you’re right, but I don’t think it will happen by accident. From what I’ve seen, there has been a lessening in the willingness to do what you describe. Not an abandonment, but a lessening. Many see it that way, including my Dad.

Not everyone looked at work the way you once did and had the opportunity to change their minds as you have.

Very true. I have no qualifications in this area beyond my own personal experience. The only story I can tell is my own.

If you are sincere and serious about taking on this huge project, leave beer out of it. Drinking is one thing that is abused way too much and I would not bring that into the mix. That Mike, is one of the biggest obstacles our young people face even while in school. Drugs and alcohol.

I don’t know that beer and sincerity are mutually exclusive, but I appreciate your observation, and understand your concern.

Please do not become a dirty politician trying to steer the sheep that are already on their way to market.

I’m not running for office. I’m not looking for votes. And my experience with sheep is sufficient.

You claim to not be speaking for anyone but yourself, however, you know that people look up to you and are using your status as a television personality to get the point across that work is not scary and profitable while you are hard working, yes, but a wealthy hard working person. Those CEO’s are also very wealthy and they are the ones who are just looking for more sheep to steer them into more profits.

Not sure I take your meaning. Are you suspicious of success or notoriety? Or both?

I think what you are trying to do is admirable but… what’s in it for you? What are your intentions?

Doing something you think is worthwhile feels good. I like to feel good. Beyond that, I want to do something with what I feel is pretty unique claim. When the dust settles, I’ll have completed over 200 jobs, and shot in every state. That kind of thing gets peoples attention, and when you have their attention, you have an opportunity. I’d like to take that opportunity to say that Dirty Jobs was about more than exploding toilets and squealing pigs. (Though I do love them both.) I’d like to talk about what I got wrong. What I learned along the way. And what I think is important.

Are you just doing this out of passion for the people, for your country…why?

No. I have some selfish motives. As I said, it makes me feel good to do this, so I’m doing it. That’s selfish. I also have to spend the next few months promoting a new season, and would like to discuss something besides the aforementioned toilets and pigs. I guess that’s selfish too. A little Mercenary in the Missionary, as it were. Mainly though, I’m doing it because I feel like it.


PS. I’m not following my passion, Lisa. I’m taking it with me.

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