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From the MRW Water Cooler

Q: What am I doing to form mikeroweWorks? That is what I’m finding myself pondering. Mike is not up for a decent discussion. He hangs around the break room or derails work room threads. I’ve been thinking that he is tapped out by discussing this with everyone and their brother. I can’t blame him for that.

??Hi Kathy, ??Forgive me, but it seems as though maybe you can? ??

But I have a very hazy idea of the point of my “help” with this. Hey, the unexamined life…blah, blah.”?

You seek clarity, in a situation that is fluid, organic, and admittedly evolving. Why? At this point, I’ve told you all I can. ??

This is more and more reminding me in a negative way of the Discovery boards. I think we are working toward something here; I hope we are. There we have a history from day one of problems caused behind the scenes as much by Mike as by the major players. I was enthused and looking forward to working on something besides having a ‘chat’.

Then why bother to express your thoughts at all? Why contribute to a dynamic you find objectionable? Why not ignore the presence and content of threads you disapprove of? Of course, you are absolutely free to comment in any way you choose, and share your disappointment when you feel like it. It is the same your choice you have in The Mudroom, or any other forum.??

I doubt Mike is simply in the mood to drop a wad of money without any goal.

Amen, sister.??

I am really convinced there is a long term goal, but I’m not getting a sense of it.”?

Then please, allow me to try again. The goal of MRW is to be, first and foremost, a Trade Resource Center – a functional resource that provides links and information for those interested in learning about, or pursuing a career in the trades. In that sense, it is a utility site. The “infrastructure” of the TRC is under construction, and will hopefully be up and running in the early part of the year. During that time, I’ve created a place for people to contribute content, post links, talk seriously about the issues, or chat inanely amongst themselves. You seem to have a problem with the last part, and I sincerely hope you can get over it. People are silly creatures, and I’m no different. “Serious” becomes self-important when there is no “silly” on the flip side. ??When the TRC is finished, I really don’t know what will become of these forums. They might evolve to become more specific places where tradesmen talk about the business of being tradesmen. Maybe they will become a destination where people can come for DIY Q&A? Maybe the whole thing will become a social community – LinkedIn for the working set? Or maybe, they will fade away, leaving the TRC as a standalone resource that it was always intended to be. Whatever the outcome, there will be many occasions along the way to judge, laugh, criticize, encourage, celebrate, mope, pontificate, and express disappointment. As always, the choice is yours. ??

Personally I was hoping for transparency and a professional site.

Hope springs eternal. You may get what you want before the dust settles. ??

I doubt my hopes are being factored in…Which leads to more confusion, and feeling a bit like a lamb. Absolutely a female white lamb, but a lamb nevertheless. Contributor’s suggestions help guide the site, but how? I mean seriously, why use a sticky to invite someone to dinner?

After much thought and conversation, I believe the moderators made that decision to annoy you.??Now cheer up,

(I’m having lamb.)


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