Mike Rowe takes on the ‘Dirty’ job of Rebuilding America

From the MRW Water Cooler

Mike Rowe takes on the ‘Dirty’ job of rebuilding America ~ Now how in the world is Mike going to accomplish this goal? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Hi Maria,

My philosophy here is a lot like my attitude on the show. I believe there is real equity in simply trying. “Succeeding,” or “accomplishing,” or “completing,” something is my hope, but not my goal. My intent is to simply be the guy who talks about the problem, through my own experiences and observations. In and of itself, that will not fix anything. But without a conversation, there is no chance of anything changing.

I can’t say it enough -the idea of redefining a “good job” and challenging the countries relationship with work is preposterously grand. And yet, check out the headlines. Since this site launched, plumbers are suddenly being referenced all over the place. MBA’s and venture capitalists are not looking so prescient. Skilled people who can actually fix real things are being profiled more. Coincidence? Of course. But I think there are forces in motion – like the stock market for instance – that are driving people to look at that which is real. And the trades, though temporarily out of favor, are real.


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