Diaper Services – now that is a dirty job

From the MRW Water Cooler

Q: Mike,

My wife and I have been fans for years now.

With our son being just over a year old now we have become intimately familiar with the Dirty Job that is Parenthood. One service we evaluated, yet chose against, was diaper services. Several of our friends use the Dandy Diaper Service and we just cannot comprehend why they would elect to use such a service.

We were hoping you could answer that question as well as show us what a Dirty Job it is behind the scenes at one of the Diaper Services.

Plus we just figured you could never say no to a job that involved Poo.

– Prescott & Alex, Nico and soon to be Zach

A: Your question will be answered sometime early in the new year, courtesy of some charming folks I just spent the day with at the Tidee Didee Diaper Service in Sacramento.

There are many advantages to using a diaper service, including long term cost savings and a lighter environmental footprint.

However, there are not a lot of advantages in shaking out the contents of several thousand poo-filled diapers every day. In fact, I’m not yet ready o discuss the details.

Stay tuned,


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