The “Reverse Commute”

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Q: I just read the interview Mike did for the BCPS (Baltimore County Public Schools). In this interview he is asked this question: “What advice do you have for current students on choosing/building a career? He answers: “I’m a fan of the “reverse commute”. He goes on to explain the reverse commute is: watch where the masses are going and head in the other direction. He encourages someone to find an industry that they like and then figure out a way to make money in it.

I really like this answer. I had never heard of the “reverse commute” before but I find it really interesting. If I was a student now I think that would be a great suggestion. Not sure I would know how to apply it but still love it. And the statement to find an industry that you like and figure out a way to make money in it…..that is so Mike Rowe. He likes the entertainment industry (to an extent) and he has figured out a way to make money in it. He created a show and a position that was all his doing…not created by someone who then came to him and asked him to “host” the show. I just really like this answer and am so glad I read the article to find it.

Thanks Mike…


“I had never heard of the “reverse commute” before but I find it really interesting.”

Hi Lori,

The Reverse Commute, (TRC) has always been a big part of my adult life. My aversion to stalled traffic and lines of any kind is profound, and I’ll often forego any activity that requires me to go shoulder to shoulder with the masses. A few examples:

New Years in Time Square

Movies Theatres on Weekends

Street Fairs

Stadium Seating of any kind

The lengths I used to take to avoid traffic baffled some, but always paid off, to the point where I began to adapt the same attitude toward lots of other pursuits, including my career. There is always an alternative route and it usually more interesting.


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