Community College of Baltimore County – Mike Rowe Alumni Interview

To everyone who has ever felt guilty about not having a career plan, look to Mike Rowe and hold your head high. Here’s a man who admittedly – and consciously – has lived a “go with the flow” life, and made it work remarkably to his advantage. Even without a clear-cut occupational strategy, attributes like flexibility, spontaneity and healthy doses of natural talent and charm have made it possible for Mike Rowe to find success in an impressive range of performance venues. Even those who may not recognize the name most certainly will find his face and baritone voice immediately Read More

San Francisco Chronicle – Q&A: "Dirty Jobs" star Mike Rowe

Mike dishes the dirt and answers the questions in this column that sounds right up his alley ~ “The Poop”. Q&A: “Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe By Peter Hartlaub My 5-year-old son is a huge “Dirty Jobs” fan. He’s polite about it, but it’s pretty clear that star Mike Rowe is the father he wishes he had. I’ve heard a lot of Mike Rowe love in the comments over the years. Add the fact that this blog is called “The Poop,” and it seems like an obvious place for a Q&A with the star. Rowe is exactly like he is Read More

Mike Rowe Works Hard for Unemployed Vets

Bruce Watson from AOL’s Daily Finance talked to Mike about the issues returning military face when trying to enter the work force again and how a “Reverse Boot Camp” could be beneficial. DOWNLOAD PDF [document url=”” width=”700″ height=”906″ responsive=”no”]

Good Magazine: America’s Dirtiest Interview (Yet)

Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs, is building a resource for skilled trades, sounding off about the false dichotomy of blue versus white collars, and extolling the virtue of good old-fashioned filth. As the creator and host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe has wisecracked his way through almost 300 apprenticeships at some of the country’s hardest jobs, poking fun at himself whenever possible, and demonstrating that hard work and good humor go hand in hand. In 2008, Rowe launched his website an online resource center for anyone looking to explore a career in the skilled trades, which Read More

American Profile Magazine Profiles Mike Rowe

It’s a Dirty Job But TV’s Mike Rowe rolls up his sleeves and gets it done by M.B. Roberts On every episode of the Discovery Channel TV series Dirty Jobs, host Mike Rowe digs in and gets to work at various messy, difficult, strange and sometimes disgusting tasks. Viewers sometimes wince as he crushes up old toilets or gets up close and personal with dung beetles. He wields plungers, hammers, blowtorches and fishermen’s gaffs, and even operates the occasional forklift. He seems like the kind of guy you’d call to fix a leaky roof or a burst water pipe. But Read More

Never Underestimate the Influence of Grandpa

Mike remembers the blue-collar influence of his grandpa and tells how he did follow the blueprint of his grandpa’s life when it came to learning a trade – it was just a different kind of trade. by Janet Bernice Jeys January 4, 2010 It’s a safe bet that Mike Rowe’s résumé is longer than yours. As the host of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, Mike has rolled up his sleeves to try out more than 200 different — and wonderfully distasteful — blue-collar trades. And it all started thanks to his Grandpa Knoble. “My grandfather’s life was much harder than mine,” Read More

Fast Company’s 30 Second MBA ~ Class is in Session!

Mike Rowe | Host of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, Founder of mikeroweWORKS Mike Rowe has had more jobs than you. In fact, Mike has had more jobs than anyone. As the creator and executive producer of Discovery Channel’s Emmy®-nominated series DIRTY JOBS WITH MIKE ROWE, Mike has spent years traveling the country, working as an apprentice on over 200 jobs that most people would go out of their way to avoid. From coal miners to roustabouts, maggot farmers to sheep castrators, Mike has worked in just about every industry and shot in most every state, celebrating those hard-working Americans Read More

U.S. News: Why Dirty Jobs are Green

The Discovery Channel star explains the nitty-gritty of Dirty Jobs By Liz Wolgemuth Posted: July 1, 2009 Mike Rowe’s moment of illumination was properly cringe-inducing for a man whose television show is called Dirty Jobs. The articulate and intrepid Discovery Channel star was in the middle of a lamb castration, weighing the widely used method of wrapping bands above the animal’s testicles to cut off circulation against the method he had just witnessed—with dismay—which involved teeth. However unorthodox, the latter approach was quick and seemed relatively painless for the lamb, while the former had left the lamb temporarily immobile. Stripped Read More

Fast Company: The Dirtiest Mind in Business

How Filth Met Opportunity and Created a Franchise by Ellen McGirt, January 28, 2008 Mike Rowe has drawn a crowd. Again. This time it’s on a chilly December night in Florence, South Carolina, at a local joint called J. Michael’s Grill and Raw Bar. In between autographing beer naps and posing for pictures, Rowe, the craggily handsome star of the Discovery Channel’s hit series Dirty Jobs, is officiating an ill-advised drinking contest between one of the show’s crew and a friendly waiter. The crew is enjoying a rare night off, and by the time Rowe joins them, the challenge–be the Read More