The Detective in the Dooryard

It’s a tough time to be a cop. It’s also a tough time to be a writer. Detective Lieutenant Tim Cotton just happens to be pretty good at both. Click on the video, and I’ll prove it. Or, just take my word for it, and order a copy. Mike PS Thanks to everyone who joined me last night for a Dirty Jobs Rowe’d Trip. We had a blast, and will return next Tuesday for more of the same. See you then… Mike’s Facebook Page

Off The Wall: You were right to warn us…

  Mike – You were right to warn us. I listened to that damn song, and now it’s stuck in my brain like gum on the soles of my shoes, just like it was 12 years ago! I must admit though, it was great then, and it’s even better now. Was it your idea to bring it back? How was it edited? Do you prefer it to the original? I have many questions…Darlene Cubee Hi Darlene Some of your questions are answered in the attached article, along with a story of how Discovery flew me back from Greenland to sing Read More