Mike Rowe & Crew

Happily, I was able to coax a few of the former Dirty Jobs crew back into indentured servitude. Troy Paff is back with a brand new camera and doing yeoman’s work. Doug Glover is likewise back on the case, and spreading his unique brand of cinematic joy wherever we go. Chris Jones has made a triumphant return to monitor all things audio, and remains thirstier and crankier than ever.

You’ll see several new faces on SGDI, because the crew – as always – is part of the journey. Along with Troy, Doug, and Jones, you’ll meet Taylor, Nick, Dan, Garza, Dawson, Steve, Alex and Ryan. They’re all great at what they do, and they all love doing it.

Troy Paff

Troy Paff – Director of Photography at Pilgrim Studios. Troy previously worked with Mike on Dirty Jobs, now he might not be getting dirty (at least not as dirty) but he does find himself in just as unique and interesting situations.

Wherever Mike goes – Troy has to go first…but hey, somebody’s gotta do it. Troy is also an amazing photographer/Cinematographer with his own production company.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones – Lead Audio Mixer, Sound Department. Chris was part of the Dirty Jobs team too – now, whether he is recording a watermelon seed being spit or the amazing Marching Cobras he’s doing what he does best.

Doug Glover

Doug Glover – Director/Cinematographer. Doug and Troy were a team back in the Dirty Jobs days and now they are together again working with Mike helping to illustrate the Somebody’s Gotta Do It stories.

Doug has quite the resume working for many production companies on amazing projects.

Taylor Wootton

Taylor Wootton – Camera Operator and mikeroweWORKS “Work Smart AND Hard” poster boy. Yes, Taylor might be new to some of you, but many will recognize him from the 2013 Work Smart AND Hard poster ( available on mikeroweWORKS.com – The Store ).

Taylor was nice enough to be our model to help illustrate a positive image for those going into the skilled trades.