To work more jobs than anyone else on the face of the earth. To toil in every state. To labor as an apprentice with regular men and women, doing the kind of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us. To laugh. To sweat. To collapse. To laugh some more. To prove that hard work and fun can sometimes co-exist.


Creator, Executive Producer & Host, Somebody’s Gotta Do It (2014 – present)
Creator, Executive Producer & Host Guinea Pig, Discovery Channel’s DIRTY JOBS (2005 – 2012)

• Initiated a hands-on way to pay tribute to a nation of unsung heroes
• Conclusively demonstrated that fun and hard work are two sides of the same coin
• Confirmed the value of delayed gratification, sacrifice, hard work, good humor, and optimism
• Launched hit show on the most trusted station in network television
• Sustained numerous injuries and multiple humiliations while performing the dirtiest jobs America has to offer

Projects in this role have included 300 dirty jobs:


Alligator Farmer
Alligator Egg Harvester
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Alpaca Shearer
Animal Control Specialist
Australian Brown Snake Remover
Avian Vomitologist
Bat Biologist’s Assistant
Bee Keeper
Big Animal Veterinarian
Bird Food Maker
Bird Tagger
Bloodhound Team Trainer
Bloodworm Digger
Bug Breeder
Bug Detective
Cave Biologist
Chain Metal Suit Tester
Chick Sexer
Chicken Bustings
Cow Birther
Cow Feed Lot Worker
Cow Hoof Trimmer
Cow Stomach Studies
Cricket Farm
Dairy Cow Midwife
Dog Groomer
Dromedary Camel Dairy
Duck Wrangler
Dung Beetle Researcher
Exotic Animal Keeper
Fainting Goats Farmer
Fish Squeezer
Goat Milk Soap Maker
Goose Down Plucker
Hippo Wrangler
Horse Farrier
Horse Inseminator
Horse Tester
Island Horse Keeper
Maggot Farmer
Meal Worm Farming
Monkey Rehab Worker
Mosquito Control Officer
Necropsy Tech (sharks)
Ostrich Farmer
Penguin Keeper
Pere’ David Deer Transport
Pest Control Technician
Pet Acupuncture
Pig Farmer
Pregnant Cow Examiner
Reindeer Farm
Reindeer Farm Dentist
Shark Food Maker
Shark (Leopard) Monitoring
Shark Repellant Tester
Shark Spotter/Researcher
Shark Tagger
Shark Taxidermist
Shark Wrangler
Sheep Docking
Sled Dog Breeder
Snake Breeder
Snake Researcher
Snake Wrangler
Spider Venom Extractor
Termite Exterminator
Termite Researcher
Turkey Inseminator
Turkey Farmer
Turkey Racing
Wild Goose Swabber
Worm Grunter
Yaks and Big Animal Veterinarian
Zoo Keeper


Asphalt Paver
Billboard Installer
Bridge Painter
Chimney Sweeper
Concrete Chipper
Demolition Man
Elevator Repair Technician
Fire Overhauler
Fract Tank Refurbisher
Hot Tar Roofer
House Mover
Lightning Rod Installer
Mastic Slinger
Mule Logger
Parade Float Demolition Worker
Radio Tower Erector
Rocky Reach Damn -Turbine Change
Spray Installation
Top Tower Hand
Well Digger
Wine Barrel Maker
Wine Cave Digger
Wooden Ladder Builder


BBQ Smoker
Blueberry Picker & Pie Baker
Bologna Maker
Brewery Vat Cleaner
Candy Factory Worker
Casino Buffet Recycler
Cheese Maker
Coffee Bean Picker
Custom Meat Processor
Cranberry Farmer
Date Palm Pollinator
Dirty Chip Maker
Egg Farmer
Maple Syrup Maker
Micro Algae Farmer
Mushroom Grower
Olive Oil Presser
Onion Processor
Potato Farmer
Rice Plantation Worker
Rum Distiller
Sausage Maker
Scrapple Maker
Smokehouse Worker
Sugar Cane Farmer
Taro Farmer
Tofu Maker
Walnut Picker


Aqua Cleaner
Abandoned Mine Worker
Barge Demolition Worker
Bell Maker
Bio Diesel Fuel Maker
Cactus Mover
Car Crusher
Cave Cleaner
Cobb Home Builder
Derelict Boat Recovering
Dirt Sterilizer
Doomsday Seed Banker
Electronic Waste Recycling
Fluid Pumper
Geo Thermal Driller
Hotel Keeper
House Deconstruction
Hydro Seed/Erosion Control
Malibu Creek Clean-Up
Mastic Slinger
Mattress Recycler
Mobile Home Breakdown
Mud Shampooer
Paint Recycling
Poo Pot Maker
Put-In-Bay Seaweed Harvester
Reef Ball Worker
San Francisco Debris Collector
Sludge Remover
Storm Drain Cleaner
Tar Pit Technician
Tank Liner Cleaner
Toilet Recycling
Transfer Station Utility Worker
Tundra Turd Burner
Tree Stump Remover
Wine Maker
Wind Farm Technician


Animal Rendering
Bone Black
Brick Maker
Cedar Log Peeler
Charcoal Maker
Coal Miner
Coke Hopper Cleaner
Concrete Stamping
Copper Foundry Worker
Decorative Concrete Finishing
Fireworks Technician
Gourd Maker
Jug Pot Maker
Leather Tanner
Lithograph Press Worker
Locomotive Builder
Mannequin Maker
Marble Maker
Marble Quarrier
Printing Pressman
Opal Miner
Red Dirt Shirt Dying
Rock Quarrier
Rooftop Copper Worker
Salt Miner
Salvage Worker
Scrap Metal Worker
Shingle Maker
Special Effects Mask Maker
Steel Mill Worker
Stone Cutter
Studio Glass Maker
Terra Cotta Maker
Underwater Logger
Vellum Maker
Water Mill Operator
Wooden Ladder Builder
Woolen Mill Operator


Buoy Cleaner
Boat Mooring Repairman
Catfish Noodler
Clam Harvesting
Crab Fisherman
Crawfish Catcher
Fish Gutter
Floating Fish Processor
Geoduck Harvester
Ice Salvage Worker
Kelp Harvester
Lobster Fisherman
Marine Mammal Rescuer
Marine Salvager
Mussel Harvester
Oyster Fisherman
Oyster Shucker
Salmon Carcass Counter
Sea Lamprey Exterminator
Seabass Fisherman
Shrink Wrapping Boats
Slime Eel Fishing
Soo Locks Technician
Sponge Diver
Stamford Water Barrier Repairman
Steam Ship Boiler Cleaner
Tar Rigger
Yacht Builder


Heating Oil Tank Remover
Mud Driller
Oil Tank Removal
Tank Lining
Oilfield Roughneck
Snow Oil Separator


Erosion Control Technician
Lava Evaluator
Mud Mineral Excavator
Worm Poop Rancher


Diaper Cleaner
Disaster Clean-Up Crewman
Garbage Collector
Gum Remover
Hair Fairy
High-Rise Window Washer
Hotel Coin Washer
Landfill Operator
Medical Waste Processor
Odor Eater
Road Kill Remover
Septic Tank Cleaner
Sewage Treatment Plant Operator
Sewer Inspector
Shark Tank Brine Cleaner
Skull Cleaner
Transfer Utility Station Worker
Waste Engineer
Water Softener Technician
Water Tank Cooper


Bar-B-Q Smoker
Barbeque Cleaner
Barber’s Assistant
Baseball Mud Gatherer
Body Wax Technician
Bowie Bay Sox Baseball Groundskeeper
Bowling Pinsetter Mechanic
Crew Cruise Director
Crew Unemployment – Esthetician
Golf Ball Collector/Diver
Mardi Gras Bladder Banger
Pipe Organ Cleaner
Shoe Shiner
Spa Mud Mixer
Special Effects Artist/Victim
Surfboard Shaper
Target Shooting


Aerial Tram Worker
Air Force Fuel Tank Cleaner
Airport Maintenance
Airport Runway Painter
Auto Salvage
Gandy Dancer
NASA Shuttle Crawler
Tire Recycler
Tire Retreader
U.S. Army Vehicle Mechanic


Cow Bladder Assembly – Mardi Gras Bladder Banger
Dinosaur Fossil Excavator