Somebody’s Gotta Watch It!

Somebody’s Gotta Do It, as some of you know, has found a new home over on TBN. I can’t tell you how glad that makes me. The show is now a hit, thanks in part to a new format, and a new audience that can’t seem to get enough of people who do what they do, simply because it’s gotta be done. I’m especially glad to tell you that this Saturday, the first episode of The Mysterious Unseen Season Four will finally see the light of day, and it’s terrific. The whole episode takes place on The USS John C. Read More

Off The Wall: Why are you so upset?

Carsen Meyer writes… I genuinely respect you, Mike Rowe. I love all the shows you produce, and I greatly admire the work you do with your foundation. But I can NOT in good conscience watch ANYTHING endorsed by the deeply DESPICABLE Mike Huckabee! Mike Huckabee is right-wing NUTJOB out to destroy the very people you want to help!! And TBN is no better!! They prey on the WEAK and GULLIABLE! I’m very sorry, but I have NO CHOICE but to UNFOLLOW you and your page!!! Hi Carsen I can see from those caps and exclamation points that you’re genuinely distraught Read More