Rachel, The Way I Heard It, & Thank you to Nelda Sue Yaw

Few quick things, on a rainy morning in Charlotte. First of all, say hello to Rachel. Rachel is a little freaked out. A few minutes ago she was walking through the Charlotte airport listening to my podcast. Then she bumped in to me. Literally. It’s a very strange sensation to bump into someone in real life at the precise moment you’re listening to them in your headphones. The brain doesn’t quite know what to do. And so you do the only thing you can – you ask for a photo to commemorate this odd form of singularity, and pose for Read More

Off The Wall: About the Cock in Question

I have a question regarding the magnificent painting you’ve put up for auction. Several questions, actually. First of all, how did you keep a straight face making that video? Very impressive. Secondly, how will people know the cock in question is yours? Is there some sort of “Certificate of Authenticity” that comes with the painting? Thirdly, just how big is this thing? (It’s important.) Finally, did you ever imagine your cock would fetch over $4,000? And what would you say to those who find your fundraising efforts a bit…hard to swallow? Janet Dawes Hi Janet. Excellent questions. I’ll answer them Read More

Monster C.R.A.P.

Collectibles Rare and Precious! Who’s up for a big old C.R.A.P? Our next Work Ethic Scholarship Program is on the horizon, so Chuck and I bolstering the coffers with a few “must-have” collectibles cluttering up my office. In this episode, we scrounge up the perfect package for the Monster Truck Fan in your life. All proceeds benefit the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, so please, bid high and irresponsibly. Thanks – Mike PS. What raccoon?

The Travis Mills Foundation

Here’s an idea that’s too good not to steal. Please give this a quick read, and then follow the nice policeman’s suggestion. However, after you sign your name to the card, along with TC’s, please add, “Mike Rowe and all his little Facebook Friends…” Trust me, it’ll be hysterical. And very much appreciated… Thanks, Mike Bangor Maine Police Department December 3 at 3:28 AM · We would have to say that one of our favorite “things” this Christmas is The Travis Mills Foundation. Yeah, we still refer to it as Christmas. Mainly because if you tell folks just to stop Read More