For Gallantry in Action

My Mom wrote this six years ago, after my Dad discovered their 90-year old neighbor was a war hero who fought at Iwo Jima. The story wound up in the Baltimore Sun. I’m posting it today because soon, all our WWII veterans will be gone, just like the man my mother honored six years ago. But also, because I know with certainty, that somewhere on this Memorial Day, someone over 90 years of age – someone who did something heroic at a time when our country was in dire need of heroes – is sitting alone with their memories. Memories Read More

Trudy Eastman ~ a Genuinely Remarkable Woman

Some sad news, I’m afraid. Trudy Eastman has died. Fans of Dirty Jobs will remember Trudy as the irrepressible plucker of geese, who kept me amused for the better part of a day with a stream of comments that I believed should be memorialized on a line of tee-shirts. Over the years, I have received many shirts with “Trudy-isms” embroidered thereon. Trudy was the real deal – a warm, funny, genuinely remarkable woman. I’m so glad I met her. My sympathies to her family, who were truly blessed to have such a soul among them for such a long time. Read More

Somebody’s Gotta Watch It!

Somebody’s Gotta Do It, as some of you know, has found a new home over on TBN. I can’t tell you how glad that makes me. The show is now a hit, thanks in part to a new format, and a new audience that can’t seem to get enough of people who do what they do, simply because it’s gotta be done. I’m especially glad to tell you that this Saturday, the first episode of The Mysterious Unseen Season Four will finally see the light of day, and it’s terrific. The whole episode takes place on The USS John C. Read More