MOOG’s Persuasive Angel

Mike – Your latest episode of Returning The Favor brought tears to my eyes. When it was over, I remarked to my husband that you and your crew were angels on earth, shining a bright light on other angels. Moments later, this appeared in my newsfeed. Coincidence?

Carla MacIntosh

Hi Carla

Like many, I do believe that “everything happens for a reason.” I just happen to believe the reason everything happens is because of the choices we make. And last year, after a few bottles of wine with my friends over at Moog, (they make ball joints for your car,) I apparently proposed we make a commercial wherein I assume the identity of an angel, (as well as a devil,) and try to persuade a parts salesman, (played by my old friend Chuck,) to do the right thing (or the wrong thing,) at a pivotal moment in the sales cycle.

I’d like to say the decision to proceed was the result of my uncanny ability to persuade the client to do something entirely non-traditional in the auto-motive space, but I’m pretty sure it was the wine. Regardless, I have in my hard-drive a fair amount of footage that proceeded the commercial we actually made. It’s very weird. I’ll share it all, over time.

Anyway, thanks for watching RTF. But make no mistake – this is as close as I’ll get to earning a halo…


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